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301 Redirection in from old to a new domain (.htaccess)

Posted on 21/01/2022 by

For instance, you have two domains – (old domain) and (new domain). You want to make that, once you type the old domain, a new domain appears in the browser, and that it shows the content of the old domain. If you don’t have a directory and new domain on your account, you… Read More

Add an Admin user in WordPress with phpMyAdmin

Posted on 01/10/2014 by

When you are unable to login to your Admin account at WordPress (your site got hacked or you simply forgot your password and/or username) it could be useful to create another account with admin privileges. We will show you how to do that in phpMyAdmin. For this tutorial you will need: phpMyAdmin 1. Login to… Read More

How to change WordPress admin password (Advanced)

Posted on 12/08/2014 by

If you tried to change your WP admin password this way How to change WordPress admin password and you didn’t managed to change it then this tutorial might help you. This is how to change password directly, through phpMyAdmin in your cPanel. 1. Login into your cPanel account and go to phpMyAdmin 2. Expand your WordPress… Read More

Full website backup and restore from cPanel & WHM

Posted on 14/07/2014 by

Backup Backup is a very useful option that you have at your disposal within cPanel. Backup allows you to download compressed copy of your whole site or some of its parts. Whatever you find useful. You can download, for example, your home directory, e-mail configurations, databases and so on. This way you can restore state… Read More

Installing filters plugin for RoundCube

Posted on 22/06/2014 by

When it comes to webmail, Horde is maybe the best email client available by default in cPanel, but it’s filters are a bit strange. When you have a lot of spam (usually) messages (I’m talking about >10k of them) there is a big chance that filters won’t work. RoundCube is another good email client, but… Read More


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