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How to select my own PHP version in cPanel

Posted on 11/07/2014 by

No matter if you are webmaster or PHP developer there is a time when you need to select your own PHP version in order to use the most of your scripts and hosting. No matter if there is a need for some newer additional PHP functions or if there is a script that requires lower… Read More

How to create database and user for MySQL and give user permissions in cPanel

Posted on 05/07/2014 by

Now days almost all websites use MySQL to store information and most of the scripts have auto install options. Anyway, auto install option can’t create database and user for your database and that is something that you need to do yourself. In this simple tutorial we will show you how to create database and user,… Read More

How To Add Extra Domains To cPanel Account

Posted on by

Sometimes you have hosting account and you want to add new domains (websites) to your current hosting account. Creating new addon domain or adding website to your existing hosting account is fairly simple with cPanel. You can do it in 5 easy steps! Let me show you how. #1 Login to your CPanel hosting account…. Read More


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