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How to create email accounts in cPanel

Posted on 09/07/2014 by

By cPanel default options You will not have any email account set up with Your new cPanel account, except “Default Email Account”. Default email account is used to receive all emails sent to nonexistent email accounts for Your domain.

This guide will teach You how to create email accounts in cPanel.

Step 1: First thing You need to do is login into Your cPanel account.


Step 2: Click on “Email Accounts” icon.


Step 3: Enter desired name in the “Email” field and select a desired domain (if You have multiple domains there will be a drop-down list of domains for You to choose from). So the format of an email account is: “name_you_entered@chosen_domain
Step 4: Enter desired password. You can use password generator to generate a strong and secure password.
Step 5: Choose Your mailbox quota. Mailbox quota is size of Your mailbox in Megabytes. There are two default options: unlimited and 250MB. If You delete unwanted/old emails on regular basis then 250MB is a good choice.


Step 6: Last thing You need to do is to click on “Create Account“. That’s all! You successfully created an email account.


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